Month: September 2020

Durrell’s Bridge

Kennebunkport and Kennebunk historians do not agree on the date Durrell’s Bridge was built. In his 1837, History of Kennebunkport, Charles Bradbury wrote that Durrell’s Bridge was built before 1751. Indeed, a 1751 entry in the first Arundel Town Book refers to Bartlett’s bridge as the upper bridge over the Kennebunk River implying that a...

September 24, 2020July 20, 2022

Louis T. Graves Memorial Public Library

The old adage, “History is all around us” rings true here in Kennebunkport. If we are at the Louis T. Graves Memorial Public Library on Maine Street, it is literally embedded in the walls. I have written about the Kennebunk Bank for which the brick building was erected in 1813. Observant Library patrons can still...

September 17, 2020May 18, 2023

Olde Grist Mill

Places hold memories for the ages. If I show you this c.1965 picture of the Olde Grist Mill, a delicious Indian Pudding might spring to mind or maybe your first job waiting tables. You probably won’t reminisce about riding in a horse drawn wagon full of corn harvested from your family fields, on your way...

September 10, 2020May 17, 2023