Support Us

Dear Kennebunkport Neighbor,

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Kennebunkport Historical Society, I am reaching out with gratitude to ask for the continued support that you, and others have given to the Society over the past 70 years. With this generosity, we can live our mission of protecting, preserving, and sharing the history of this wonderful town.

Our Annual Appeal fundraising enables us to:

Protect and Preserve

Increase our attention to caring for our wonderful collection of art, artifacts, antiques, buildings, documents, photographs, diaries, oral histories, books, and clothing.


Spread the word and help educate about our history by promoting

educational programming for all ages. Some of these programs include: oral history series, Tea & Tales, Children’s Day, family camps, historic tours, our popular “Throwback Thursday” series, historic craft nights, research assistance, nostalgic music concerts and various rotating exhibits at the Pasco Center and The Richard A. Nott House.


Continuously engage our community by:

  • Executing our Building History initiative which focuses attention on historic hand-crafts and trades such as carpentry, masonry, metal-crafting, lobstering, fishing, sewing, story-telling and more.
  • Involving young people as members of our new Junior Board.
  • Encourage our volunteers to get involved in programs that spark their talents, meet their schedules, and align with their interests.

These wonderful projects, programs, and facilities cost money.

Our annual budget for the current fiscal year requires additional giving of at least $40,000.

To reach that goal, we need your help!

Thanking you in advance for your kind support of this wonderful town treasure,

Sarah Reagan Auer

Board President, Kennebunkport Historical Society

The Kennebunkport Historical Society is a non-profit, member-supported organization. The Society was founded in 1952 to preserve, protect and present Kennebunkport’s social, cultural and architectural history. It has continued this scholarly tradition for more than 60 years and has greatly expanded its scope and outreach during this time.  The Society stewards multiple period buildings, an extensive clothing collection, and archives that include artifacts, photographs, books, and artwork; all of which are open to the public and available for research. We continue to honor the mission of the Society, with the goal of making its collections more accessible, more relevant, and more connected to our day-to-day lives.

Our annual budget for the current fiscal year requires additional giving of at least $40,000.

To reach that goal by December 31, we need your help!

The Kennebunkport Historical Society exists to protect, preserve, and present the unique history of Kennebunkport, Maine.
The vision of the Board of Directors is to continue to care for our vast collection, share stories, offer resources and education, and provide volunteer opportunities for community members and visitors.
Your Support is Essential to our Mission!

Volunteering is not about the value of doing something for free; it’s about the FREEDOM to do something of VALUE! 

Do you have photographs, books, articles, diaries, antiques, or other items pertinent to Kennebunkport’s history? We would be happy to discuss the process of accession into our collection. Please fill out the form and we will respond to your request as soon as we can.


Alana Harrison,

Junior Board President

“It has been an honor and so impactful to be working along side the Society in efforts to get younger generations involved in the preservation of our history.”

Denise Stevens,


“Volunteering for the Kennebunkport Historical Society allows me to do the things I love to while contributing to the community.”

Kristin Haight,

Executive Director

“It is a privilege to steward the important mission of protecting and preserving the unique history of Kennebunkport.”