Month: June 2021

The bridge between Dock Square and Lower Village

The bridge that connects Kennebunk Lower Village to Dock Square Kennebunkport has been rebuilt several times. During a freshet on March 1, 1896, the old wooden drawbridge collapsed with a loud crash when big chunks of ice rushing downriver with the violent ebb tide cut through its supporting pilings.The need for safe and attractive vehicle...

June 10, 2021July 20, 2022

To the KHS Members

At the May 2021, monthly meeting of the Board of Directors of the Kennebunkport Historical Society, a motion was put forward to sell the Pasco Center, the administrative headquarters of the Historical Society.  The motion to sell Pasco Center was predicated upon a year-long study and discussion by the Directors to determine whether it was in...

June 1, 2021February 18, 2022