Internship Opportunities

The Kennebunkport Historical Society, a 401c3 Corporation. Mission: To protect and preserve Kennebunkport’s social, cultural, and architectural history-with the goal of making it meaningful to our every day lives.

Our internship opportunities are designed to enable qualified candidates to grow their skills by exposing them to real world projects. Our team encourages creative thought and asks for a positive attitude. Students will help bring our Kennebunkport history to new audiences in new ways while adding value to their resume and to their community.



Video/Editor Coordinators: KHS is seeking experienced videographers and editors to help us create promotional videos, history tales, town tours, and oral history interviews with our senior citizens and more. The goal of the video coordinators is to build a YouTube channel for the KHS that promotes historic education.

Content Writers: KHS has lots to talk about. Seeking students who love to write creatively. History can be told in many ways. This writing opportunity may include but is not limited to: Content creation for blogs and social media, PR content such as press releases, promotional scripts,  historic reenactment scripts short YouTube videos.

Tech Building: KHS would like to build an app for its members. Applicants should have a solid understanding of coding and will work with the KHS team to cultivate project parameters. The KHS App will need the ability to purchase goods, update memberships, see photographs, maps, history at the fingertips, and Kennebunkport things to do.

Social Media: KHS will work with this team to create a vision for our niche on social media platforms such as TikTok, Pinterest, YouTube and build upon our existing social media. The Social Media team will focus on ways to communicate to different audiences on different channels. Objectives will be strategic thinking, brand awareness, message, mission, target audience and more.

Online Gift Shop: KHS is seeking students to help us bring our gift shop onto our website. Students will photograph items, write descriptions and set up online payments through our website and eventually on our app, too. Students will build an Amazon affiliate page as well as create drop-ship customized merchandise from Amazon. Other projects may include creating prints, notecards, calendars, and other items with our historic art and photographs.

Children’s Program Coordinator: Be a pioneer in developing original programming for children at the KHS. We seek to build after school learning based on historic crafts and activities. These activities might include but are not limited to: Painting, sculpture, blacksmithing, soap-making, candle dipping, historic dance, fishing, boatbuilding, dressmaking/sewing/needlecrafts, genealogy, writing, gardening/farming, intergenerational projects. Students will coordinate schedule, write descriptions for programs, and oversee the volunteers and co-op students who will teach the classes.

Fundraising and Outreach: Prelude and Planning the KHS 70th Anniversary Homecoming Students will learn the value of creating relationships in the community. First focus will be preparing for our annual Prelude event. This year’s theme: Roaring 20s! In the spring, the KHS will host the first annual “homecoming” focusing on inviting people who grew up in Kennebunkport back to town for fun activities. Students will start this project from the beginning. The KHS hopes for this event and more to continue to serve as tradition in Kennebunkport.

Acting/Docent: Students who love to perform are welcome as we develop increased historic programming, tours, on-camera narration, reenactments, and more. Students will lead tour groups and assist in building new historic programming for the KHS.

Artists/Photographers/Musicians: Kennebunkport is known for its artist community. Students will create original artwork, photography and music inspired by our local history. Students will work to create programming to showcase art and music in new ways.


Research Assistance: Students will work closely with our historian and team to scan documents and photographs and books into our digital archives. Students will learn the process of accession and deaccession, the value of historic documents, and the overall workings of historic archives of Kport.

Special Projects: Students may propose their own project or can work on an existing project. Projects include: Kport COVID story, Time Capsule project, Intergenerational communications project, Historic Scavenger Hunt, and more.

Senior Advisor for Junior (Children’s) Board: The KHS is creating a Junior Board which will exist of 9 members, voted in by the existing KHS Board & Director (or subcommittee thereof). Junior Board will consist of local RSU-21 students,  summer-only children,  as well as descendants of Kport residents. The JB ages 9-16 will be tasked with the mission of focusing on kids programming and events with the KHS. The Senior Advisor will help coordinate and professionalize these meetings. The advisor should be familiar with Robert’s Rules of Order and possess patience and respect for young people. Experience with official meetings is a plus for this position.

If a student is interested in more than one opportunity, the KHS is open to creating a custom position based on an individual student’s needs. Please outline special interests and we look forward to working with you!

Submit application and any questions to: Kristin Haight ,

Our team looks forward to working with you!