Kennebunkport Oral History Project

The Kennebunkport Historical Society announces new Oral History

The Kennebunkport Historical Society is pleased to announce an
intergenerational video project designed to capture the oral history of
Kennebunkport by interviewing its oldest citizens.

“We are so excited about this project and all of its possibilities,” shared
Kristin Haight, executive director, “by collecting oral histories and
connecting with Kennebunkport’s elders, we will be able to deepen our
understanding of recent history and create valuable first hand stories and
images for future generations.”

The project will launch in September 2021 with the call for citizens over 100
years old. Frank Handlen, for example, a beloved Kennebunkport artist,
sculptor and community friend, will turn 105 at the end of September and
has agreed to be our first interviewee. The Society will honor his life and
work with a lecture by Peter Whalen on October 1 at 1pm. (Details and
tickets available to members starting 9/1/2021).

October will focus on people who are in their 90s. November will seek
citizens in their 80s, December: 70s, and so on. We aim to grow our video-archive collection with this project and include our community youth as

Interviews will be scheduled for Tuesdays and will take place at the
Townhouse School or virtually. If you or someone you know would like to
Kristin Lewis Haight,
Executive Director
PO Box 1173
participate in the Oral History Project, please contact Kristin Haight at or call the office at 207-967-2751.

If a participant
would prefer that our team come to you, record the interview virtually, or
offer transportation, please let us know.

For more information about how you can participate, become a member,
volunteer, or make a gift to support our programming, please visit: Thank you for your support, Kennebunkport!