Month: August 2019

United States Post Office on Temple Street

The original Kennebunkport Parker House was a restaurant built in Dock Square before 1872 by Wm C. Parker, who had emigrated from Sweden aboard a local merchant vessel. In 1874, Parker expanded into the store next door and opened it as a hotel. Both buildings were destroyed in the Dock Square Fire of 1877. A...

August 29, 2019May 17, 2023

The Town House School Campus

The Town House School Campus, soon to be reopened at the Kennebunkport Historical Society, consists of three fascinating structures at 135 North Street, Town House Corners. If you are standing on North Street looking at the property left to right are the Old Jail Cells, the 1899 Town House School and the Shipyard Office that...

August 15, 2019December 28, 2023