The Town House School Campus

The Town House School Campus, soon to be reopened at the Kennebunkport Historical Society, consists of three fascinating structures at 135 North Street, Town House Corners. If you are standing on North Street looking at the property left to right are the Old Jail Cells, the 1899 Town House School and the Shipyard Office that previously stood adjacent to the South Congregational Church from the Civil War era until Charles S. Morgan rescued it in 1952. The specially designed Old Jail Cells building contains the actual twin jail cells that served for years as the town lock-up on Ocean Avenue. The newly refurbished Town House School was built in 1899 and served the area children until the Kennebunkport Historical Society purchased the building as their headquarters in 1955. I’ll let maritime expert and author of ‘Shipbuilding on the Kennebunk, The Closing Chapter’ Charles S. Morgan, tell you the story, in his own words, of how the tiny historical shipyard office found its way to 135 North Street after 25 years on-the-road.

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