Diane Emerson-Holm

Board Member

Diane Emerson-Holm embodies Kennebunkport’s multi-generational heritage. From Hingham, MA, her lineage traces back to pioneering grandparents in Biddeford. Diane spend summers in Kennebunkport at Goose Rocks Beach with her Grandmother.

Diane’s roots intertwine profoundly with the community. Her father’s legacy as a selectman and Historical Society President (1991-1993) holds importance. Relocating from Colorado to West Kennebunk in 2010, she cared for her parents until their passing. Today, she and her sister proudly own her parents’ Goose Rocks Beach property.

With a diverse nursing career spanning the nation, including Air Force service, Diane holds master’s degrees in Nursing Education and Holistic Nutrition. Presently, she imparts wisdom as a Health Occupations instructor at Sanford Regional Technical Center.

The Nott House holds a special place in Diane’s heart, symbolizing Kennebunkport’s heritage. Her ties to the town, enriched by her lineage and personal experiences, fuel her fervent advocacy for preserving its legacy while embracing its charm. Says Diane, “It is truly a blessing to live in such a magical, wonderful place.”

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