More from the Cecil Benson Collection. At the present location of Alisson’s bar room, there used to be a single story building known at various times as Union Store, Palmer Twambly’s Store, Benson’s, Miracle Market, Smith’s Market Dock Square Market, etc. The little building originally housed an academy that stood on Elm St. It was moved to Dock Square around 1850 and was the only building on that side of Dock Square to survive the 1877 Fire. Cecil Benson writes, “This is the restaurant that Dad [Cecil Benson, Sr.] and the family ran during the summer from 6 AM till 1-2 the following morning. We ate all our meals here and spent a lot of time walking back and forth from our home on North Street. Dad served full meals, had a soda fountain, potato chips fried by hand in the back shop, popcorn, and peanuts for the theater crowd and even had a bakery for a while. Anything to make a buck!!!” 1933-1942

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