A Letter to the Members

A Message from the Board of Directors, Kennebunkport Historical Society:

July 13, 2021

Dear Members,

We are aware that a group of members is planning to meet tonight and wanted to provide you with updated information to alleviate any pressing concern.

The e mail sent to Membership on June 29 was intended to share our decision making process, which we took very seriously. We felt it was a sound business decision while keeping the stewardship of the Society top of mind. This includes 1) to protect and honor the mission of the Society to preserve Kennebunkport’s social, cultural, and architectural history – with the goal of making these more accessible, more relevant and more connected to our day-to-day lives; and 2) to maintain the fiscal solvency and fiscal integrity of the Society in order to preserve the history of Kennebunkport. With the sale of the Pasco Center, this would benefit both points of stewardship.

We regret and were unintentionally remiss that the selling of the Pasco Center was not fully communicated to the Kennebunkport Historical Society (KHS) Membership prior to the decision being made. Although the decision was made legally, in accordance with to the KHS by-laws, we understand that transparency is imperative to running a successful, collaborative Society. We acknowledge that we did not fully explain our business logic and financial strategy and why this decision made sense.

At this time, we have made the decision to temporarily remove the Pasco Center from the active real estate market.

We are all a part of the Society because we love Kennebunkport. We have all chosen to participate in this organization because we believe in the mission of the KHS. We all want the rich history of this community to live on. It is a great honor for the Directors of the Society to help steward the mission, and to be respected and trusted to make the best decisions possible with the past, present and future of the society in mind.

We look forward to an engaging, positive and respectful relationship with our Membership, our communities and our friends, and appreciate your support.


The Board of Directors

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