Calling all Local Veterans and Citizens who remember WW2 in the Kennebunks. Kennebunkport Historical Society partners with RSU21 for upcoming Veteran’s Day Oral History: 

Kennebunk, ME

November 8, 2022 at RSU21 middle school, the Kennebunkport Historical Society will collaborate with local students for a special oral history project featuring local Veterans as well as elders who may remember what life was like in the Kennebunks during WW2.

Each “block” of the day will require volunteer participants to answer questions prepared by students. American history is the focus of the eighth-grade curriculum, so this celebration of our local veterans and citizens will be a unique opportunity for students to have a personal encounter with the stories of history, rather than the textbook version. The earliest block will The earliest block will begin at 7:30am and will run for approximately 45 minutes; This repeats throughout the school day. Every eighth-grade student will participate through the course of the day during their regularly scheduled social studies block.

“Listening to personal stories is a wonderful way to learn about history. The goal of this project is to connect generations, honor local Veterans and seniors, and deepen students’ understanding of history from a human perspective,” stated executive director, Kristin Lewis Haight, “We are so pleased to be partnering with the local schools for this ongoing project”.

Volunteers will be required to sign up in advance for security purposes. If you are interested in participating, please call the Kennebunkport Historical Society for available times and for more information, 207-967-2751 or email inquiries to:

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