Prohibition in the Kennebunks

This morning I’m sharing photographs from the Kennebunkport Historical Society’s Salt Magazine Collection. The Salt Institute was located in Herbie Baum’s Boatyard in Kennebunk Lower Village in the 1970s when under the direction of Pamela Wood, the Kennebunk High School students interviewed Henry Weaver, the Southern Maine Federal Prohibition Agent. Wearver helped to bring down the Kennebunk Rumrunner Racket during National Prohibition, which led to the demise of the connected rackets along the coast of Maine. Henry told the students all about his days of chasing bootleggers and fighting curruption from a Law enforcement point of view. The students also interviewed “Pirate”, who told them about rumrunning from a suppliers point of view. West Kennebunk farmer, Reid Chapman, told the story from the customer’s point of view. These photographs collected or taken by the Kennebunk High School students illustrate a few of the stories I plan to tell this afternoon at 4pm at the Nott House 1920s Tea Party. I hope to see you there. #kennebunkport

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