Happy Birthday, Dear Jane!

Join me in wishing our own Jane Morgan a wonderful birthday. The talented and beautiful sister of Kennebunkport Playhouse founder Robert Currier turned 100 years old on May 3, 2024.

Florence “Flossie” Currier grew up at the Kennebunkport Playhouse. She worked in the box office, helped out as Treasurer, and often made appearances on stage. When she was just 11 years old, she appeared in two roles in the melodrama, “Murder in the Red Barn.” Florence studied music at Julliard before traveling to Paris to emerge as an international singing sensation. In 1955, she returned to the Kennebunkport stage with a new name, Jane Morgan, and a hit song, “Fascination”. Her association with the Playhouse was crucial to its longevity. She appeared at least once a season in her glamorous Paris Couture gowns that became her trademark; a singing performance that never disappointed.

Jane bought her first house, Blueberry Hill in Kennebunkport, in 1958 and married her first husband Larry Stith in 1959. In 1965, she married her second husband, Jerry Weintraub, who was her manager at the time. The couple adopted three daughters.

Jane continues to return to Blueberry Hill, nearly every season. Thanks for the Fascination, Jane.

Happy Birthday!

We love you!

Kennebunkport Playhouse as it looked in the 1950s
Jane Morgan onstage at the Kennebunkport Playhouse.
Jane Morgan was interviewed for this Star article in 1958. She had just purchased Blueberry Hill on North Street Kennebunkport.
Jane Morgan with Jack Benny
Jane Morgan loaned Kennebunkport Historical Society us some of her gowns to display at the 2005 Kennebunkport Playhouse Exhibit.
KHS Board Member Albert Black gave a presentation of some of Jane Morgan’s accomplishments in 2019 at the Town House School. Jane was as fascinating as ever!

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