“The Porpoise”

Captain Frank Nunan, former master of the fishing schooner Sadie Nunan seen here, was the first in Cape Porpoise to open a restaurant. He started with a gas station and supply depot at the Pier, then leased a building built for him by Mr. William H. Marland, who owned the land and a pier, and opened a restaurant which he named The Porpoise in 1930. It soon became widely known for its delicious seafood, and for its homemade cakes, doughnuts, and pies. Frank also planted and maintained a lovely flower rock garden on the knoll beside the restaurant. Frank Nunan died on February 28, 1945. The restaurant has continued ever since under many proprietorships including as Spicer’s Galley. You might know it today as Pier 77 and The Ramp, at Cape Porpoise Pier.

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